Satsang Exam: Results for March 2020

Jay Swaminarayan,

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, as we are all aware, India is also under strict lockdown. Given unprecedented times, the Satsang Exam Results for March 2020 are delayed without a definite release date. As of March 25th 2020 the Exam Division activities remain on hold.

When, Ahmedabad - Shahibaug lockdown will be lifted or placed under a green zone and as we approach normalcy, the exam division will begin to prepare for the results once again. It will take a minimum of 60 days after the complete social distancing and lockdown is lifted by the Government of India.

Meanwhile, P.P. Mahant Swami Maharaj has provided guidance that all examinees should continue to read Satsang Exam books and begin preparations for upcoming exams.

Satsang Exam Division, India

Important Dates

Registration Opening May 18, 2019

Registration Closing Sep 02, 2019

Registration Corrections Closing Oct 31, 2019

Pre-test Essays Nov 01, 2019

Pre-Test Papers Dec 1, 2019

Pre-Test Closed Book Feb 9, 2020

Exam DayMarch 1, 2020
(Overseas and India Karyakars) -76 days to go

Exam Day India July 19, 2020

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